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          Automation Production Line System Solution

          System Applications:

          The system is suitable for post-processing systems such as battery formation, volumetric inspection, OCV/IR/DCIR testing, and sorting and matching groups in the post-process section of lithium-ion power battery production. All process equipment and systems are interfaced with automatic logistics lines and RGV systems;The equipment + automatic logistics line + RGV trolley + static storage library + MES management, etc. According to the conditions of the factory and production conditions to achieve "chemical, sub-capacity, sorting, testing," the entire system solution.

          Nail Mchine

          Nail Puller

          Board Machine

          Negative pressure forming press


          Stationary Rack

          RGV Trolley

          Fire Extinguisher System

          Sorting Machine

          Compartment Press System

          OCV/IR Testing Machine

          MES Management System