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          New Energy Battery Industry

             Application Scenarios   

             ⚪ automatic production and testing of new energy batteries

             ⚪ dense intelligent storage

             ⚪ automatic sorting and conveying

             Solution Advantages   

             ⚪ pay attention to safety, including equipment safety and product protection fire safety

             ⚪ realize the automation and intelligence of the battery production process, reduce the production energy consumption and improve the production efficiency

             ⚪ improve the convenience of battery access

             Core Components   

             ⚪ automated three-dimensional warehouse

             ⚪ handling and conveying system

             ⚪ sorting system

             ⚪ automatic detection and charging and discharging system

             ⚪ WCS, WMS


             System integration solution for the back segment of the cell   

             -  Automatic production line of aluminum shell

             Production line composition:

             liquid injection → pin insert → scan the code into the plate →1st high temperature standing →

             high temperature negative pressure formation →OCV test sorting→ pin insert → charging and discharging →

             2st high temperature standing → liquid injection → pin extraction → liquid injection → plate entry →

             1st normal temperature standing →2st normal temperature standing → OCV test sorting →

             volume sorting → film machine system →OCV test sorting → dismounting → file sorting

             -  Automatic production line for soft packaging

             Production line composition:

             high temperature shelving → high temperature fixture formation → empty tray backflow → drum transportation → volume division →

             high temperature standing → automatic file sorting → storage